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For teachers: The LMS (Learning Management System)
  • Auto- generates student attendance check in /checkout record each time the student logs in.
  • Creates student class codes & auto- enters all students into the class rolls.
  • Allows document/file uploading for storage, sending & messaging to individual students, selected groups or whole class. (No need for external private email services.)
  • Auto-generates a spread-sheet of students scores for auto- corrected assignments & allows manual entry for teacher- corrected assignments.
  • Auto-generates a class score/feedback sheets for each student.
  • Auto- deletes all student materials records 2 years after purchase for privacy reasons.
For Teachers: The Courseware:
  • includes sufficient class- room materials for weekly 90 minute classes for approximately one academic year.
  • allows for distribution of additional teacher- generated materials.
  • has an inbuilt flexibility to accommodate mixed- level classes. Students work, building from their individual starting base improving their skills beyond their current start level.
These courses are suitable for:
  • Online Learning in the Classroom with a teacher.
  • Distance Learning Situations with Zoom/SKYPE, Etc or other online Sessions with a teacher.
  • Institutions such as High-Schools, University, Colleges, Technical Schools, Private Schools / Distance Learning Institutions/ International Schools: Private Online Teachers: one- on- one sessions or small Classes of up to 25/30.
Suitable for Language Learners:
  • Ages 11 through to adults.
  • false beginners (not for students with no previous) experience through to Intermediate level.
  • students needing to build skills for TOEIC, IELTS , TOFEL, tests etc.

For Students: The LMS (Learning Management System)
  • The LMS (Learning Management System).
  • allows you to join the class online.
  • upload, store, message, & send your digital assignments to the teacher.
  • auto-corrects auto- correctable assignments for instant feed back.
  • no need for you to use your private email service except for receiving your password and login details.
The Courseware helps you to develop:
  • your English language skills.
  • your computer skills.
  • your internet research skills.
  • And lets you choose authentic online materials that interest you to develop your English skills.


Item #1: The Lexicalportfolio Course
a 4-skills lexical approach to language learning
Author: G.H. Heiman
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Item #2: The Song of MySelf Course
An online interactive corpus-based writing course of language learners
Author: Trudie Heiman
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