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The Song Of MySelf Course
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The Song Of MySelf Course
The Song Of Myself Course: Student Edition

for students joining online classes and independent learners
Author: Trudie.Heiman
Published : 1994? Paper editions
1st Beta edition: 2012
ISBN Status: TBA: Non- Registered
by subscription only:

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Price: Yen ¥ 2400 full access to all sections

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Price: Yen ¥ 1800 full access to all sections

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  • Price: Yen ¥ 1500 full access to all 25 sections

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The Song Of Myself Course: Teacher Edition
for teachers to create classes/manage student grades/ custom made

LSM. Includes full (static) copy of student version
LSM. (Price includes Teacher's pdf manual available soon Please request this by email)
Author: Trudie.Heiman
Beta Edition: 2012  with ongoing updates
by subscription only: 2 year
Price: Yen ¥ 3400

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  • (Get a free 30 day trial version of the teacher's version & student's version. Explore the functionality and course contents.)