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The Song of MySelf: a writing course for pre-EAP level language learners

  • A corpus-based writing program
  • Build Your Own Lesson Plans from these tasks from these sections
    • - Personal Development Journal Writing Tasks
    • - Support Materials
    • - Support Readings
    • - Process Skills Paragraph Development
    • - Letter-writing & Short Poems Writing Tasks
  • For ESL/EFL: false beginners through intermediate level learners
  • Pre-EAP programs ages: ages 14 through university level, adults
  • Small or large class sizes/ mixed level classes
  • Fully Interactive and Digital; With Paper Journal Writing options
    • - Contains a time saving LMS Learning Management System with the following features: create classes, record auto-generated / manual entry scores, generate spread sheet of all student results / individual score cards / a messaging/ document storing system for teacher/student communications
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Corpus-based materials are based on computer studies on authentic language structures. Therefore these courses feature: Authentic language encounters/tasks * High frequency word lists * Word Collocations * Language chunking tasks * and put now easy- to- use free online corpus research tools such as concordancers, vocabprofilers, word frequency tools, collocation tools into the hands of false beginners through intermediate level learners to create meaningful encounters with authentic text and tasks.
Fully online interactive computer based courses such as provided by help your students improve computer literacy whilst learning English. Students comment they enjoy the contact with authentic language in small manageable amounts as specified by these courses.


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Personal Development topics in The Song of Myself focus on language chunking, list making, using short phrases, dialogue communication with teacher via letter writing, small essays and using images and drawings to help learners lower the affective barriers to writing in L2. The topics are personally meaningful allowing students a variety of ways to approach them but these topics help them over come fear of writing in English and help them to produce a lot of written text which is a first requirement to developing written skills. (click to see authentic samples of student journal writing tasks here)
Requirements: These courses are suitable for wired online classrooms using Integrated Whiteboard (Smart Boards), or HD Screens/ projectors, tablet / Ipad or notebook or desk top computers with high speed Internet access for both teachers and students.